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Let's schedule your jet test!

You know the old adage "try before you buy?"

Well, when it comes to hot tubs, it makes a lot of sense. How else will you know if the seats are comfortable? If you can dial in your perfect massage? How much noise the hot tub makes?


Find out if one of our hot tubs can melt your cares away by booking your personalized, after-hours "jet test" in the self-cleaning 495 model. We have larger (empty) tubs on the floor so you can try out the seats, but you'll be experiencing the jets on the 495. 

Simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch to schedule your soak. If you're feeling shy, we can book it outside of regular business hours! 

Bring your bathing suit. Bring your questions. And bring your stress—so we can take it away!